When it comes to creating beautiful and well-designed spaces experience is everything. The very first step in our process is to listen. Understanding project requirements is critical to a successful outcome.

From initial in-house planning, to creating a project scope and budget, to CAD design, to computer programming for automated floor equipment, to precision finishing with environmentally friendly lacquers and paints — O’Keefe is there every step of the way.


Our dedicated project managers run all our projects from bid approval to final delivery and installation. This experienced team of project mangers ensure our customers are always aware of project status and help identify and solve any potential hurdles so your projects finish on time and within budget.


We assist in project budgeting from providing detailed bids that clarify and level scope across bidders to working with you to value engineer a project to meet your budget without sacrificing design. Our team of five estimators with more than 75 years of combined experience are here to help.


From first design to the last detail, our state-of-the-art engineering capabilities ensure your project meets all specifications — and the highest expectations.

Using AutoCAD, combined with industry related software, our engineering department can create custom shop drawings for your approval, with field verification and expert shop production.

We create products that will last a lifetime, are functional, and are built to withstand the variables they may face. Our engineers confirm products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and specifications.


We manage all subcontractors that integrate into our interior finishes so you don’t have to. Our project managers manage our extensive network of vendors and subcontractors to integrate stone, glass, and metal into our products or as part of the total interior finish.


We provide project managers and field managers to oversee the installation and ensure that all products are delivered and installed in prime condition and in a way that accommodates the other vendors on the job site.